Community Supported Agriculture

Thank you for your interest in Mounts Family Farm CSA membership! Our CSA membership is a advanced purchase order that directly invests in our farm TODAY, during our on-going planning and nurturing seasons. CSA memberships help assist with the expected (and unfortunately unexpected) financial dealings with running a small farm. It's truly a win-win supporting your local farmers through CSA memberships as there are many added benefits!

Check them out below!

Members Benefit and Support Guaranteed Product and Price!

Our CSA members receive guaranteed product for the 10-20 week period chosen. As a THANK YOU to our CSA members there is a cost savings benefit! Depending on the weight ordered, anything over 1/4-1/2lb is on us! We know every little bit helps!

Members Benefit and Support the RIGHT TO KNOW what is in your food!

At Mounts Family Farm we care about what you eat! We take great care in ensuring our animals are pasture raised, the natural setting God intended, in chemical free fields. We are also non GMO and no hormones or antibiotics are used on our farm.

Members Benefit and Support our Farm's New Products!

Members are provided access to new products before the public market. This includes making our members priority for Chicken and Duck Egg Orders, which sell out weekly at market!!

Members Benefit and Support the Local Food Economy!

Through your advanced investment, your prices are locked in! Plus your investment insures we have access to additional funds to support our farm ahead of each season!